• Tidying services,
    covering basic cleaning and less frequent cleaning.

  • Care services,
    include various household chores such as cooking and laundry.

  • Informal care services,
    short-term informal care that does not include medical services.

  • Assistance services, 
    we arrange visits to a shop, bank or doctor.

  • Friend service
    and outdoor assistance, 
    we take care of the customer's mental and physical functional capacity.

  • Personal assistant service,
    services tailored to individual needs for disability service customers.

  • Additional services,
    such as yard work, window and carpet cleaning.


We take care of the customer's physical and mental capability by providing various services that promote well-being

  • Massages
    We offer shiatsu therapy and acupuncture treatments.
    We are able to arrange professional home visits for our customers.

  • Hairdressing services
    Through us, customers are able to order haircuts and various hair treatments as well as hairstyles during home visits.

  • Pedicures
    Various professionally produced health care foot treatments in your own home.

  • Day and excursion activities
    Jeezaamo wants to promote an active life and we enable various hobbies, such as travel and cultural clubs.

We enable

  • On request, the possibility of a banquet service, such as birthday arrangements.

  • During the summer, it is possible to agree separately on summer jobs through the young people's nesting activities of the 4H Association.
    We enable young people to find employment by offering, for example: carpet washing, gardening, pet care, splitting and painting.

  • Jeezaamo is also involved in supporting youth work locally as a business partner.
    We promote the employment of young people and, in addition, we grant free places for hobbies every year on a social basis.