"The good moments of everyday life are born of small actions"

What is Jeezaamo?

A good everyday life comes from genuine actions in cooperation. Jeezaamo is a multifunctional company whose main business is home service support services for seniors, disabled people and families with children.

Jeezaamo's skilled employees with long-term work experience help households maintain high-quality everyday life by taking care of homes and their residents with competence and heart.

Our goal is to open doors to comprehensive well-being.

Jeezaamo also makes it possible to participate in various events and fascinating cultural excursions in the surrounding areas.

The customer can order a free and unbound home visit, on the basis of which a service plan that meets the customer's needs is tailored. 50% of home service support services may be deducted from the taxation of the household deduction. If necessary, our employees will guide you through the matter during your home visit.

Services can also be provided without a separate service agreement if desired. The services do not include medical services.
Jeezaamo's various service packages can also be ordered as gift cards for neighbors as one-off or long-term contracts. 

The company is currently developing educational activities through cooperation with educational institutions and universities.

Gift cards

Surprise your friends with a gift that will be remembered

Customer feedback

" Warm humour gives you joy and personal care provides security
for your everyday life.
The assistant is comfortably one step ahead of me and anticipates and helps me remember when I forget "

"Thank you for the past year and for all the countless refreshing things you have done with my fellow man.
In better care, he couldn't be"

"The Jeezaamo people are wonderful and professional people. 

The best part is that my mother is always visited by a circle of the same care takers, so my mother knows them all well.
The employees are genuinely present, chatting and inventing all kinds of entertainment. Sometimes you listen to music, fry pancakes, plant flowers or weave socks.

I also appreciate that they keep in close contact with me and know how my mother's days have gone and that she is well looked after.
So the Jeezaamo people have become familiar to me too."